Ethnic Gals Heat Cap - curly hair  4c hair
Ethnic Gals Heat Cap - curly hair  4c hair
Ethnic Gals Heat Cap - curly hair  4c hair
Ethnic Gals Heat Cap - curly hair  4c hair
Ethnic Gals Heat Cap - curly hair  4c hair
Ethnic Gals Heat Cap - curly hair  4c hair
Ethnic Gals Heat Cap - curly hair  4c hair

Ethnic Gals Heat Cap

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  • Processing time 6-7 days
  • Helps absorb every ingredients
  • Suitable for all hair types, genders and ages

Speed up your moisture absorption for women with stubborn, unmanageable dry hair


✓ Increased moisture absorption & retention

✓ Absorb every ingredient into your hair

✓ Achieve greater pre-poo absorption & products penetration

✓ Enhanced curl definition & improved hair growth

The heating cap will help absorb nutrients more effectively. However, the results are minimal and superficial when compared to heat-enhanced deep conditioning treatments. Ethnic Gals Heat Cap

🔥Streaming those curls are crucial 

If you have been using products and nothing seems to be working, our Ethnic Gals Heat Cap is what you've been looking for. Your cuticles need to be open to absorb ingredients. In addition, you will need fewer products to moisturize your hair because every hair product will soak right inside. 

This is because the hair cuticle is typically closed, so the conditioning treatment can only work on the surface of the hair shaft.  

    (Low porosity, medium porosity, and high porosity's reaction to water.) 


    Use for 10-15 min maximum and wash the removable part each time

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      6 months healthy growth


      It's important to perform regular deep conditioning treatments for optimum hair health. However, without heat, your deep conditioning treatment can only do so much to improve the quality of your hair. 🔥

      Sure that no BAD ingredients (sulfates, parabens...) are in our hair products. 

      Growing your hair is mindset and routine! Before buying anything, watch your habits hunny.
      Do you drink your water? Do you work out? Do you protect your hair at night?

      The answer is definitely YES! We worked very hard to come up with this formula, and it's based on your hair porosity.

      Stick to one or two wash days a week with deep conditioning, hot oil treatment.

      Its unique formula is based on YOUR hair porosity; like any others, we took the time to manufacture ourselves and consider how your hair is behaving.

      With just a try of our hair deep conditioning treatment, you’re left with shiny, soothed, softened, and beautifully restored hair.

      Yes, it does! Our Super-Hydrating shampoo will cleanse your scalp without making it too dry!

      By washing your hair regularly to remove built-up oils. Wash your hair in warm — but not excessively hot — water to avoid irritating and drying out the scalp. 

      We offer returns for any mistakes or defaults on our products. (30 days period)

      Thinning hair refers to minor to moderate hair loss.

      Our Wash Day system will help because you will get the right habits to fight it naturally.

      • Scalp massage
      • Nourishing ingredients
      • Heat Cap
      • Nourishing oils

      After shampooing your hair, apply our hair mask for 20 min, detangle, rinse, and style!